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Steelhead are basically Rainbow Trout that spawn in the rivers and return to the Ocean to feed. Unlike Salmon, Steelhead do not die after spawning and they return to the ocean many times during their lives.


Steelhead can be found in almost every river and stream that is somehow connected to the Pacific ocean. Such as the McKenzie River in Lane County. The McKenzie River is a tributary of the Willamette river when in turn is a tribuatry to the Columbia River, and the Columiba River flows into the Pacific orean at the town of Astoria oregon. To get to the McKenzie, steelhead need to swim hundreds of miles and traverse hundreds of fishermen just to get to the ir spawning grounds.

Steelhead can weigh as much as 20+ pounds but most are in the 6-12 pound range. The larger fish are generally caught during the winter runs.

Steelhead are very scrappy fighters and just because you hook one doesnt mean that you will land it. These fiesty fish will fight you all the way to the boat and many come “un buttoned” just as they are being netted.

For those luck fisherman that both hook and land a Steelhead you will be rewarded with a delicious fish that your family will really enjoy.

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