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Springers are without a doubt the best eating fish there is. Sizes range from 15-40 lbs. We start fishing for them mid March. Spring Chinook Salmon fishing on the lower Columbia River runs from March through May depending upon the seasons set by the State of Oregon & Washington.

These prized Salmon are sought after because of their amazing taste. Of course they fight like crazy with long power runs.


Springer’s, as they are called by most in the Northwest, get their great taste from the large amount of oils, which are great for you, they store in order to make the hundreds of miles journey to their spawning grounds of Oregon, Washington, & Idaho. They then live in the river until fall when they spawn. That is the reason for the great taste!

The numbers of fish returning each spring is smaller than that of the Fall Chinook run therefore making fishing for Springer’s tougher than for Fall Chinook Salmon. But once you catch & eat your first Springer, you’ll come back every spring hoping for another taste of a great game fish known world wide. Billy Davis has years of experience learning to fish these sought after salmon from his father Bill. Learning every spot on the river, every tide, every river condition & how that affects the run of Springer’s each year.

A trip with Billy will be a great opportunity to experience the resource of the lower Columbia River & see lots of wild life & scenery, not to mention chasing & catching the best eating Salmon in the Northwest.

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