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Specialized Field Support Services

At Gale Force Guides of Astoria, OR, we pride ourselves on providing an essential link between the rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest and professionals who need direct, hands-on access to the environment. Our Specialized Field Support Services cater specifically to insurance adjusters, inspectors, government officials, and environmental specialists who require safe, reliable, and knowledgeable transportation to remote locations. Whether it’s for assessing property damage, conducting thorough inspections, engaging in bird watching for research, or collecting vital soil samples, our team is equipped with the expertise and resources to facilitate your objectives.



Weddings at SeaAt Gale Force Guides, we offer the enchanting opportunity to exchange vows against the breathtaking backdrop of the sea. Imagine the horizon stretching infinitely as you declare your love, with the gentle sounds of waves and the serene beauty of the ocean surrounding you and your guests. Our maritime nuptials provide a unique and unforgettable setting, where the romance of the sea enhances the magic of your special day. With Gale Force Guides, your wedding isn't just an event; it's an adventure into the heart of love, making memories that will echo through the ages like the timeless call of the ocean.

Crab Fishing

Crab fishing is a fun and rewarding activity for the whole family. You can enjoy the scenic views of the Oregon coast, watch the wildlife, and catch some of the tastiest and freshest crabs in the world. We fish for Dungeness crabs, which are abundant and delicious. We use crab pots, which are large metal cages baited with fish or chicken. We drop the pots in the water and let them soak for a while, then pull them up and check for crabs. You can keep up to 12 male crabs per person, as long as they are at least 5 3/4 inches across the shell. We will cook and clean the crabs for you, or you can take them home live.

At Sea Burial Services

At Gale Force Guides, we also offer at sea burial services for those who wish to honor their loved ones in a special and meaningful way. We can scatter the ashes of your loved one in the Pacific Ocean, following the legal and environmental guidelines. We can also arrange a ceremony, a memorial plaque, a floral tribute, or any other special request you may have. We will treat you and your loved one with respect and compassion, and we will make sure that your final farewell is a memorable and dignified one.

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