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Billy Davis of GALE FORCE GUIDES is your local Astoria guide for fishing the lower Columbia River.Billy Davis's journey through the maritime world is a testament to his dedication and passion for the water. Beginning his career at the tender age of 18, Billy swiftly moved from working on tugboats to commanding them, earning his captain's license by the age of 21. This achievement marked him as the youngest captain on the Columbia River, a record he proudly holds to this day. His early start and rapid progression are a reflection of his commitment and skill, steering from the deck to the wheelhouse where he remained for an impressive 46 years. Retiring in November 2023 as a launch operator for the Columbia River Pilots and the Columbia River Bar Pilots. Billy's career was not just about guiding massive vessels but also about a deep, personal connection to the river and its surrounding environment. His maritime journey began even before his official career, he navigated the Columbia Riverbar fishing in the Pacific Ocean at 14, trolling for salmon on a commercial boat he owned, and worked as a commercial crab digger for razor clams. This early exposure to the sea's challenges and rewards shaped his approach to his profession and life. In 1999, Billy embarked on a new venture, channeling his extensive knowledge and experience into guiding. This decision to share his expertise reflects his love for the river and his desire to engage others with the beauty and thrill of navigating its waters. Billy's guiding philosophy is deeply rooted in the lessons he learned from his father, Bill, with whom he fished for many years. From a young age, Billy was introduced to the intricacies of fishing and the river's ecosystem, a legacy of knowledge and passion that he continues to share. Today, his father remains an integral part of this journey. Billy Davis's story is not just about the accolades or records but about a lifelong dedication to the Columbia River and its community. His journey from a young, ambitious sailor to a revered captain and guide embodies the spirit of adventure and the enduring bond between generations of fishermen. As Billy moves forward, his legacy on the Columbia River remains a guiding light for those who follow, inspiring future captains and anglers to pursue their dreams with the same fervor and respect for the natural world.Book a trip with Billy Davis, the fishing guide for the lower Columbia River.

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