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Fishing Trips & Adventures in Oregon Catch the thrill of a lifetime with our expert guides & custom boats.Book a trip with Billy Davis, the local fishing guide for the lower Columbia River.

At Gale Force Guides, we offer a variety of fishing trips and adventures for anglers of all levels and preferences. Whether you want to catch salmon, sturgeon, steelhead, or crab, we have the right trip for you. You will fish in comfort and safety from our custom-built 26’ sled boat, equipped with state-of-the-art fishing tackle, fresh bait, and a friendly and experienced guide. We also provide fish cleaning and vacuum sealing services, as well as tips on beachcombing and razor clam digging. All you need to bring is your fishing license, a cooler, a camera, sunscreen, lunch, and a sense of adventure!


Fish CleaningCleaning and vac pac sealing are available at the cannery at the marinaBook a trip with Billy Davis, the local fishing guide for the lower Columbia River.

Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon are the largest and most powerful fish in the Columbia River. They can grow up to 20 feet long and weigh over 1000 pounds. Fishing for sturgeon is an exhilarating and unforgettable experience, as these fish put up a fierce fight and often jump out of the water. We fish for sturgeon from mid-May through July, targeting keeper sturgeon between 45 and 60 inches. We also catch and release many oversized sturgeon, some over 10 feet long. We fish in shallow water, which makes the action even more exciting. You can expect to catch 40 to 60 fish per day, depending on the season and the regulations.

Salmon Fishing

Salmon are the most prized and sought-after fish in the Pacific Northwest. They are known for their delicious taste, their beautiful colors, and their acrobatic leaps. We fish for salmon year-round, targeting different runs and species depending on the season. We fish for spring Chinook salmon from March through May, summer Chinook and sockeye salmon from June through August, fall Chinook and coho salmon from September through November, and winter steelhead from December through February. We fish in the Columbia River, the Pacific Ocean, and various coastal rivers and bays, using different techniques and baits to match the conditions and the preferences of the fish.

Crab Fishing

Crab fishing is a fun and rewarding activity for the whole family. You can enjoy the scenic views of the Oregon coast, watch the wildlife, and catch some of the tastiest and freshest crab in the world. We fish for Dungeness crab, which are abundant and delicious. We use crab pots, which are large metal cages baited with fish or chicken. We drop the pots in the water and let them soak for a while, then pull them up and check for crab. You can keep up to 12 male crabs per person, as long as they are at least 5 3/4 inches across the shell. We will cook and clean the crab for you, or you can take them home live.

At Sea Burial Services

At Gale Force Guides, we also offer at sea burial services for those who wish to honor their loved ones in a special and meaningful way. We can scatter the ashes of your loved one in the Pacific Ocean, following the legal and environmental guidelines. We can also arrange a ceremony, a memorial plaque, a floral tribute, or any other special request you may have. We will treat you and your loved one with respect and compassion, and we will make sure that your final farewell is a memorable and dignified one.

Call us to discuss the different options we have available.

Things You Will Need

Fishing License & Tags





Things We Provide

All state of the art fishing tackle.

Fresh bait and or lures as needed.

Our Licensing Information

Oregon Guide’s License

U.S. Coast Guard 500 Ton Masters License With Radar Endorsement

Fully Insured

First Aid & CPR Trained

Book a trip with Billy Davis - Astoria fishing guide

Things That Are Good To Do Or Know

Please give us a call for our rates.

We also have crabbing trips – Please call for rates.

We require 50% deposit on all trips.

We accept Checks – VISA – MasterCard as methods of payment.

We have a 30 day non refundable cancellation policy.

We often book trips up to a year or more in advance and we are unable to give refunds for cancellations that are made within 30 days of your trip. No shows will be charged.

Fishing locations vary from day to day depending on the bite.

You will need to call the night before to see where we are leaving from.

Our boat fishes 6 however, we can arrange for larger parties with no problem.

Please call in advance to arrange trips for larger groups.

You will need to bring your license.

You can get a license anywhere in town the night before.

Include your phone number.

Make sure to include a phone number where we can reach you.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Below are some questions we were asked frequently, we tried to answer them here.
If you have more questions, feel fee to contact us.

What time do we start?

Usually 6 AM but we do change it sometimes. Check the night before to make sure.

Where do we leave from?

Locations can change from day to day depending on where the bite is. We’ll set you up a time and a place at the same time.

Do you sell your t-shirts?

Yes we do. Just call for pricing information.

My wife wants to go fishing but there is no bathroom - How do you handle that?

We’re not usually more than 10 minutes from a restroom, so it’s no problem to run her to one as needed.

Since you live at the coast what else do you suggest we do there during our stay?

We like to do a lot of beachcombing – you never know what you’ll find. Also razor clam digging is a lot of fun & great to eat. The Cannon Beach & Seaside areas are also fun.

How early should we book?

The earlier the better for you. It assures the best dates & tides for the fishing trip you want.

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