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Call : (503) 440-2709 (Billy Davis – Local Guide)

Fishing Trips & Adventures in Oregon Catch the thrill of a lifetime with our expert guides & custom boats.Book a trip with Billy Davis, the local fishing guide for the lower Columbia River.

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Warrenton, Oregon

Call: (503) 440-2709


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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Below are some questions we were asked frequently, we tried to answer them here.
If you have more questions, feel fee to contact us.

What time do we start?

Usually 6 AM but we do change it sometimes. Check the night before to make sure.

Where do we leave from?

Locations can change from day to day depending on where the bite is. We’ll set you up a time and a place at the same time.

Do you sell your t-shirts?

Yes we do. Just call for pricing information.

My wife wants to go fishing but there is no bathroom - How do you handle that?

We’re not usually more than 10 minutes from a restroom, so it’s no problem to run her to one as needed.

Since you live at the coast what else do you suggest we do there during our stay?

We like to do a lot of beachcombing – you never know what you’ll find. Also razor clam digging is a lot of fun & great to eat. The Cannon Beach & Seaside areas are also fun.

How early should we book?

The earlier the better for you. It assures the best dates & tides for the fishing trip you want.